Ms. Lewia's Class

Greetings from Ms. Lewia's Class!

I am an Elementary Education major with a concentration in mathematics from the University of Maine at Farmington.  This semester, until mid December, I will be in Ms. Lewia's classroom learning how to teach in a classroom environment.  I will be posting blogs about the class, and giving updates on what's going on.

So far this year, Ms. Lewia's class has planted a garden as an aid in studying the life cycle.  They planted a white spiarea bush, and a total of 200 flowers.  There are purple/white crocus, yellow daffodils, and red tulips.  Ms. Knights and Mrs. Johnson's class planted a purple and a yellow spiarea bush.

An exciting addition to the classroom is the new Hermit Crabs.  Two of the Hermit Crabs are small, and two are medium.  Their names are Tibbles, Mr. Krabs, Plankton, and Tiger.  Along with animals inside the classroom, the students have also been carefully watching a spider that lives outside the window.  The spider has been given the name Charlotte and she has recently made an egg sac.

Unfortunately, Xavier has moved and no longer attends Blooomfield Elementary.  While we have lost one student from the class, there has been a new student named Kaveli.

For three weeks, starting this week, the class will be taking the new NECAP tests in the morning.

A reminder that volunteers are welcome in the classroom and to talk to Ms. Lewia if interested.  It would be great if we could get adults who would be willing to read aloud to the class.  Also, we would like parents who would be willing to come in and listen to the students read aloud. On the upcoming field trip to the library, Ms. Lewia will need to have chaperones and will be looking for available volunteers. There will be more information about the dates of this field trip, and other field trips, as it gets closer.  Ms. Lewia would like to have a parent volunteer to take care of book orders.  This job would include collecting book orders from the class, sending in the orders, receiving the books, and coming in and distributing the books to the correct students.  Also, if anyone would like to share a special musical, artistic, or other talent, you are welcome to come in and share, just let Ms. Lewia know.  Some upcoming topics this year are cells, space, and life cycles.  If anyone has ideas for the class, or something to share about these topics please contact Ms. Lewia at

If you have any questions about the blog or my time in Ms. Lewia's classroom, my e-mail is Looking forward to this experience in the classroom and continuing this blog. 


Happy Fall,

Andrea Bryant